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Fingerprint Heart


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Heart shape charm with fingerprint.

Available in the following sizes:

  • Small
  • Medium
  • Large
  • Large Double Print
  • Double Descending (available as either S/M or M/L sizes)
  • Triple Descending



If you would like an inscription please write your text in the space below

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Charm Includes
  • Free impression kit and return postage
  • Free inscriptions (please see the ‘Inscriptions’ section below)
  • Free presentation box
  • Free darkening of print option
  • Option to personalise it to your exact requirements
Number of Prints per Charm
  • Small, Medium, and Large charm sizes are suitable for one print
  • Large Double Print charm sizes are suitable for two prints
  • Double descending charms can have one print on each charm (two prints can be added to the large charm if med / large size is selected, giving up to three prints)
  • Triple Descending charm can have one print on each charm (two prints can be added to the large charm if needed, giving up to four prints)


  • Please Note: If you would like three prints on a single charm, please select ‘Freestyle Shape’ from the ‘Fingerprint Charms‘ section. Alternatively contact us for a custom size and pricing.
Approximate Sizes of Charms:
  • Small 15mm x 13mm
  • Medium 19mm x 20mm
  • Large 23mm x 23mm
Approximate Thickness:



As a guide to inscriptions, the number of letters that can be written on the back of a charm are as follows:

  • Small: 6 letters
  • Medium: 10 letters
  • Large: 12 letters

If you would like a name on the front of a fingerprint charm we recommend choosing a large charm. Initials can be added to the front of small and medium charms in some cases. For double fingerprints on large charms, only initials can be added to the front.

Please Note

Please note, sometimes a complete fingerprint may not fit on a small (or sometimes a medium) charm depending on the size of the print and shape of charm chosen. In these cases charms still look amazing, but if you would like to make sure there is a complete border around your print please ask us to advise you on the best size of charm once you have returned your fingerprint mould. Alternatively choose a medium (for children) or large (for older children and adults) charm size which is more likely to accommodate your complete print.