Can I arrange for you to take the prints for me?

Yes, if you are within 5 miles of Weybridge Surrey I can come to you, or you are welcome to come to visit us wherever you are from! Don’t worry if you are not local, you can do it all by post with easy to use kits.

Are there any extra costs?

No, all prices include the cost any materials you need to take prints, return post of your prints, and delivery of your finished jewellery.

Do you charge extra for inscriptions or colours to be added?


What is the maximum length of name / inscription that can be added?

As fingerprints are replicated actual size, it limits the length of name that can be added to the front of the charm, and it depends how big the fingerprint is compared to the size of charm ordered. We may not be able to anwer this until prints are returned. However, names can be added to the back and as a rough guide, 12 letters should fit on a large charm, 10 on a medium and 6 letters on the back of a small charm. However it is quite possible longer names can be accommodated.

As hand, foot and paw prints are reduced in size to fit the charm size chosen, there is a bit more flexibility for names on the front of charms. However if names are long, we would advise that you use initials to prevent the charm looking crowded.

Alternatively, you could order a name tag to accompany your charm.
Please contact us if you would like to discuss your requirements.

Is there an age limit for prints to be taken?

Little fingers develop their lines and whorl patterns after they are born, gradually getting more pronounced. For this reason we recommend waiting until they are at least one year of age before ordering fingerprint jewellery. Of course everyone is different, and this can vary. If you do place an order and find there is not sufficient detail, we are happy to resend the moulding compound at a later date for another try at no extra cost. This date must be no longer than one year from the original order, but no sooner than four months. Alternatively you may just wish to have a record of how small their fingers used to be with a small indent of their finger.

There is no upper limit, although fingerprints can be less prominent in old age due to a reduction of skin elasticity.

Handprints, footprints and paw prints can be taken at any age. If your child is not so little, it’s not too late!

Are there any discounts?

Sometimes discounts are advertised on our Facebook page, please ‘like’ us for up to date information, and for details on hosting a party to earn rewards.

We also offer discounts for multiple orders using the same hand, foot or paw print. Any further orders will be sold at the fingerprint price of the equivalent size. This is because the difference in price is for the time and materials required to make your own personalised stamp. Once it has been made it can be used multiple times (it must be the same size as the original print). If you are treating yourself, why not buy another as a gift, or vice versa?

How are the sterling silver cufflink backs attached to the silver front?

All cufflinks are attached by soldering, to ensure a strong bond.

How long will my order take?

We advise you should expect delivery of about 14 days after we have received your prints, but it can be shorter. If you have a more pressing deadline please enquire and we will let you know if we can meet your request.

Please allow longer delivery during peak times, such as Christmas, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day. We will contact customers after orders are placed if we are experiencing longer than 3 weeks delivery times, and refunds will be offered if required, before work begins.

Can I order gift vouchers?

Yes! Gift vouchers are a great solution if you are not able to take prints yourself, or if you don’t have enough time to have the product made before you need to give a gift. They come in multiple values, and are of course beautifully presented. If you are even shorter on time, a gift code can be emailed to your recepient within 24 hours.

Why choose us?

We have never liked following the crowd, and when it comes to creating jewellery from something so personal we feel you should be able to continue the personalisation in every way. This includes choosing your shape, size, inscription, colour / darkness of prints, finish of your charm, and what sort of jewellery you would like to make it in to.

All our charms are carefully hand polished as standard rather than just tumbled or burnished. This creates almost a mirror like shine, and although more time consuming we think it is well worth it.

(If you prefer a brushed metal finish to give a matt apperance this is no problem, please just state when ordering.)

We are not a franchise. We don’t have to pay anyone else to run our business and this is reflected in our pricing. This also means that when you order from us you can expect the quality and style shown in our photos. As with all products made using silver clay, sometimes there can be small variations in the surface, but we work hard to keep these to a minimum.

Care for jewellery

All jewellery should be treated with care due to its delicate nature. Fine silver is relatively soft.

To keep your jewellery looking its best we advise the following:

Remove jewellery before manual work.

Regularly check all parts for signs of wear and tear.

Do not wear in the swimming pool or bath / shower

Avoid sprays, eg perfume

Polish from time to time with a polishing cloth impregnated with an anti tarnish agent. (Avoid any darkened areas eg on a fingerprint as it will remove the darkened effect.) We recommend Town Talk silver polishing cloth, which can be added to your order here.